Heléns’ range of bars is aimed at the engineering and automotive industries, which have strict demands in terms of measuring accuracy, machinability and consistent quality, so that bars perform in the same way during processing, delivery after delivery. Heléns stocks bars in a number of steel grades and is continually developing the product range. The range of bars includes steel types in rolled, peeled, cold-drawn, rough-turned and ground designs. All steel types can be delivered in their manufactured lengths or cut to fixed lengths from our warehouse. Other steel types and designs than those in stock are available on request.

Alloyed bars

Heléns’ alloyed bars – in quenched and tempered steel, and case hardening steel – are used for components where good mechanical properties such as cogs, shafts, gears and other applications subjected to high stresses.

Unalloyed bars

Heléns’ unalloyed structural steel bars are specially adapted for, for example, machining and machine parts.

Cold-drawn bars

Heléns’ free-cutting steel is specially adapted for parts that require a lot of machining, where surface finish and good chip breaking are particularly important.

Ground bars

Heléns’ ground bars are particularly suitable for areas of application where the surface, narrow tolerances and straightness are particularly important.

Piston rods

In order to satisfy different demands, Heléns offers a wide range of piston rods with various qualities. Regular chrome-plated, top-class rods, NiKrom 500 for slightly tougher requirements, and two stainless finishes: AISI 329 and 1.4542. Upon request, we will gladly offer chrome-plated tubes.

Heléns stocks various piston rod designs as standard. They are characterised primarily through very good corrosion resistance, welding capabilities and cutting properties.

  • Chrome-plated piston rods with quality 20MnV6 (corresponding to SS2142), NiKrom 500 (Ni min 30 my, Cr min 20 my), tolerance ISO f7.
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel piston rods with AISI 329 and 1.4542 quality.



Heléns stocks Thalachrome piston rods, a trademark from the world-leading supplier Uranie. Thalachrome is known for its high and consistent quality, with very good test values. Thalachrome guarantees corrosion protection of at least 316 h rating 9 and 96 h rating 10, both in accordance with NSS.


As a complement to Thalachrome, Uranie has created a chrome-plated piston rod called Mecacrom. Mecacrom is intended for cylinders with somewhat lower requirements for corrosion protection and is therefore an affordable alternative to Thalachrome. Mecacrom guarantees corrosion protection with at least 200 h rating 9 in accordance with NSS. Heléns stocks Mecacrom in dimensions ranging from 20 to 90 mm in 20 MnV6.