This is Heléns Rör

Heléns stocks, processes and delivers Scandinavia’s widest range of steel tube solutions to the industrial sector. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop an optimal and cost-efficient setup – from construction- and production solutions to logistics and business solutions – where tubes, bars and profiles are a crucial ingredient for success.  

Our history

The year is 1927, the place is Halmstad. Paul Helén founds what will become the Nordic region’s leading steel tube wholesaler – Heléns Rör. Since then, the head office has been located in the same west coast town, with sales offices in Karlstad, Västerås and Örnsköldsvik. Other operations are conducted through wholly-owned subsidiaries in Denmark and Lithuania, and an associated company in Finland. Our team consists of almost 300 dedicated Heléns employees, with an average length of employment of an impressive 15 years – a figure that guarantees as much experience as enjoyment.

Business areas

Heléns can deliver almost everything to everyone, but we have a specialised knowledge base within mechanical engineering, automotive, civil engineering & construction, hydraulics and the process industry.

Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering & Construction
Process & Power/Pipelines

Business concept

Our offer is not focused on the tubes. Nor is it about bars or sections, because we offer significantly more than that – namely an extraordinarily solution focused approach. On the basis of a wide product palette and portfolio of services, with knowledge as our tool, we develop tailor-made set-ups, with a constant strive to make the customer’s business even better.

With a wide product palette, where tubes and bars are in focus, we are a given knowledge partner, offering valuable solutions and continuous improvements for our customers.

The Heléns Spirit

The Heléns Spirit form the foundation on which vision and business concept rests. It is a concoction of what we value the most and what we constantly strive to enhance. Knowledge is the key to our offer. It is what allows us to create amazing things with something as plain as a steel tube. Curiosity brings us to persistently seek out new solutions and find valuable improvements. It is simply what fuels our proactivity. Commitment is what makes us a great partner, supplier and colleague. It is a genuine drive that inspires performance and nurtures strong relationships. We actually care.

Knowledge [ˈnɑːlɪʤ] {noun} Our broad and deep knowledge of products, materials and potential solutions, is a competitive advantage for our customers. Keywords: competence, quality, professionalism.

Commitment [kəˈmɪtmənt] {noun} Our commitment is a genuine drive to be a part of something and contribute to its success. Keywords: decisiveness, authenticity, warmth.

Curiosity [ˌkjɚriˈɑːsəti] {noun} Our curiosity is a joyful fuel that moves us forward, in the hunt for new solutions and deeper understanding of the customer’s untold needs and wants. Keywords: proactivity, resourcefullness, joy.