With a focus on and consideration for
people, society and product

Safety, health, environment and quality are our main priorities and the core of Heléns’ operational system. Everything we do, big or small, focuses on and cares for people, society and product.

Sustainability in focus

With respect for and awareness of the environmental footprint of the industry, we strive towards long-term sustainability in all that we do. Through the environmental management system ISO 14 001, we have excellent opportunities to improve the business. We are convinced that active environmental work gives both us and our partners' lasting competitive advantages. Through our sustainability work, Heléns wants to contribute to a better environment today and tomorrow.

Safety & health above all

With strict safety precautions, certified Safety Trainers, continuous education and daily follow-ups of every risk and incident, we make sure to put safety on everyone’s agenda. The extensive and effective work to ensure safety and health, is an essential part of our company and a prerequisite for lasting financial success. 

Quality - a continuous endeavor

We focus on continuous improvements and have a team of experts dedicated to process development. All to ensure the right product, in the right quality, at the right time. For us, quality is not only a responsibility towards our customers, but it also also betters our internal efficiency. With our integrated management system, we want to achieve continuous improvements, sustainable processes, error-free products and services.